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GLASS, Eco-friendly window cleaning

GLASS, Eco-friendly window cleaning

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Glass is a safe and effective solution for keeping surfaces spotless and streak-free without harming the environment. Glass is a naturally-derived formula that quickly cleans windows, mirrors, glass top tables, automobile windows and more from smudges, fingerprints, grime and dirt.

  • Non-toxic / Biodegradable / Ammonia Free / Fragrance Free / Odorless
  • Hypo-allergenic โ€“ free from gluten, soy and dairy
  • Safe for use on glass, stainless steel, appliances, counter tops and chrome surfaces
  • Eco Friendly Packaging:
    • The 2-ounce concentrate 2-pack refills encourage the reuse of the trigger spray bottle.
    • All of our packaging is recyclable.
  • Very Safe: Not expected to aggravate asthma or other allergies. Generally safe for use around pregnant women, children, the elderly and those with mild-to-moderate Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

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