PPE for Mold Remediation

If the mold growth is 100 square feet or less (approx. 10ft x 10ft), you can usually do it yourself; otherwise you should consider calling a professional.
Letting a mold problem go unchecked is not only a risk to your health, but can be very damaging to your property.  If a mold growth reaches over 10 square feet more precautions should be taken

There are three primary parts of your body that you want to protect from mold exposure: your lungs, your skin, and your eyes. 

1)   Respirator/Mask:  The U.S. EPA recommends using a mask called an N95 respirator.  When used properly, these masks filter out 95% of the particulates in the air. 

2)   Gloves:  Use gloves. You don’t want those mold spores on your hands…or other parts.

3)   Protective Eyewear:  Traditional safety glasses are not enough for this job.  Remember that spores float through the air, which means they can reach your eyes from the sides of the glasses.  So for this job, the EPA recommends using goggles that do not contain ventilation. 

Extra Mile:  Coveralls: If you are tackling more than just a small spot of mold, or if you are especially sensitive to mold exposure, or if you just want to be extra safe, the coverall is an excellent way to go. 

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