Mold Remediation Strategy

Remember, to eliminate mold, you’ll first need to eliminate the source. Find out how and where moisture is seeping into your home and deal with it accordingly. Once the moisture problem is solved, you can begin removing the mold. Once you’ve identified your mold issue, removal is safe and easy when Moldzyme® is applied as follows:

1. Apply Moldzyme® using any of the following methods: Moldzyme® Spray Bottle, pressure washer, other type of high pressure equipment, pump up garden sprayer (chemical sprayer), atomizer/fogger, bucket and sponge, brush, roller, etc. Agitate (scrub) the surface with any kind of scrub brush, broom, or toothbrush. This will help work the enzymes into the surface for a deep clean and help with the removal of tough stains.

2. Allow Moldzyme® to sit for 15-20 minutes

3. Rinse with a garden hose, pressure washer, or simply wipe off surface with wet cloth or towels for interior applications.

4. If you are painting over the treated surface, simply allow the surface to dry after rinsing Moldzyme® from surface.

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