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Moldzyme® is an organic, multi-enzyme based mold and mildew cleaning product. This ecologically compatible blend of plant-derived enzymes and other natural ingredients penetrates to remove odors and mold stains at their source without using bleach or other toxic chemicals. Moldzyme® can be used to treat most surfaces and finishes that allow the use of water.

  • Non-toxic / Biodegradable / Chlorine Free / Odorless / Non-flammable
  • Hypo-allergenic – free from gluten, soy and dairy
  • Safe for use around children, pets and plants
  • Safe for use on most building materials including aluminum, painted surfaces and wood as well as on carpets, furniture and fabrics (spot test to check compatibility).
  • May be used in air vents, air systems and fogged in indoor spaces. Please go to to estimate the amount needed for your specific application.
  • Can be discharged into public-owned wastewater treatment systems or soil discharged to the environment without adverse effect.
  • Eco Friendly Packaging:
    • The 2-ounce concentrate 2-pack refills encourage the reuse of the trigger spray bottle.
    • Super concentrates available in many package sizes.
  • Extremely Safe: Not expected to aggravate asthma or other allergies. Generally safe for use around pregnant women, children, the elderly, those with mild-to-severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or those with otherwise compromised immune systems.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Starter Kit (makes (1) 32oz. Bottle), 2oz Concentrate-2pk (makes (2) 32oz. Bottles), 4oz Concentrate (makes 3.125 gallons), 8oz Concentrate (makes 6.25 gallons), 16oz Concentrate (makes 12.5 gallons), 32oz Concentrate (makes 25 gallons), 1gal Concentrate (makes 100 gallons)

7 reviews for Moldzyme, Mold Stain Cleaner

  1. Gary

    Excellent for mold remediation. I purchased moldzyme a few yeArs ago. I used it in My basement. I had stored some furniture down there, when I brought it upstairs I noticed a slight fuzzy growth on everything-before discovering the product I ended up burning all the furniture because I couldnt get rid of the moldy smell. I followed the instructions for mixing it up. I applied it to my whole unfinished basement with a spraygun. I did it twice to be sure all barewood and concrete was soaked. I then waterproofed basement walls and installed a dehumidifier. 5 years later no problems. I am now doing the samething to an older home I just purchased that reaks of mold. Apply it and fix all humidity problems. Get rid of carpets and moisture gathering. I even spray it in the back of toilets to kill the mold that grows there too. My asthma has never been better.

  2. ecod_admin

    Effective for toilets and bathrooms!

    Posted by shoppingmama on Mar 08, 2014 (on

    I have no problems adding water to the concentrate in the spray bottle. This is great to reduce carbon footprint and shipping cost. Highly recommended! Does a very effective job for my toilets and bathrooms with none of the strong chemical smell of commercial cleaners. Spray and leave it for a while before scrubbing. Assured to know that I am not using harmful chemicals and gentle on the environment. Thumbs up! >>>>>>>>>>> Click on my page link above to read about my favourite iherb purchases for my family. I test a lot of products to know what works best and write each review only after trying! >>>>>>>>>> Please click YES if you find my review helpful. Thanks a lot!<<<<<<<<<<

  3. ecod_admin

    Works well as a daily spray

    Posted by Reviewer3031103 on Feb 13, 2013 (on

    Moldzyme works as a mildew remover, but the mildew will regrow if there is an underlying problem. We have had success by instead using it as a daily shower spray. Daily spraying of our shower walls & the joint between shower & tub, a serious trouble spot, has resulted in complete mildew control.

  4. ecod_admin

    Get rid of mold!
    By JC on August 2, 2011 (from
    Verified Purchase
    I have used this product before. I used to use bleach, but the mild/mildew would come back. This stuff works! Great price and delivered in a timely manner.

  5. ecod_admin

    This STUFF really works
    By Elainna M. Houghton on December 7, 2012 (from
    My husband refuses to use the fan in our master bath when he takes a shower. So black mold grows easily in the bathroom on the upper portion of the painted walls. I have tried everything and not only did this remove the mold, but also the black stain and has helped to prevent in from growing back so quickly or at all. I’ve tried other products, which tended to not removed the black stain, but then removed the paint. This did not remove the paint, and doesn’t have a horrible smell either.

  6. ecod_admin

    By bzberlin on October 31, 2011 (via
    MoldZyme was very effective in relieving mold smell after Hurricane Irene. We used it in our basement which had been quite wet.

  7. ecod_admin

    MoldZyme works GREAT! Best Product of All. Kills mold down to the roots for no “grow-back”. No perfumes – no heavy Chemicals
    By Amazon Customer on September 27, 2014 (from
    Verified Purchase
    MoldZyme works GREAT! I used two different national products – common ones you’ll find in the grocery store, that I’m allergic to due to the heavy chemical perfumes. They took lots of scrubbing and the results didn’t last – so I switched to bleach. The smell was horrible and it’s bad for the paint, but it got the job done faster and the results lasted a tiny bit longer. Finally I got fed up and researched more. I found MoldZyme in a catalog for Chemically Sensitive people and it got rave reviews so I decided to give it a try. First off it works much faster than the other products – fast enough I went and got my husband to show him the speed I could clean the wall and ceiling around the shower. Next off weeks ticked off, then a month, two months and more! MoldZyme gets the ROOTS of the mold, down into the core without stripping the paint off the wall. I didn’t notice any damage to the paint and there was no re-grow. This is worth every penny. And the smell is slightly citrus – like a fresh squeezed lime. Nothing fake, no false heavy perfumey over-kill chemical cover-up, so it fades away fast. It’s not oily, it’s light and watery. It doesn’t stain or damage if it drips on others things.

    For the record, although I didn’t buy my first bottle from, I will buy my next bottle for convenience. But the only other reviewer gave 3-stars due to pricing/shipping issues instead of the performance of the product, and as this is one of my all time favs and I have recommended it often to others, I wanted to write this.

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