Where can MoldZyme be used?

MoldZyme® can be used on almost any surface, hard or soft, that has mold and mildew stains: concrete, bricks, stone, wood, tile, metals, plastics, marble, granite, Corian®, wallpaper, wall vinyl, drapes, carpet, ceiling tiles, patios, decks, walkways, stucco, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, even HVAC coils and filters – any surface that is washable with water. MoldZyme® can be used on any surface that isn’t damaged by brief contact with water. Some of our customers have come up with very inventive uses for our product and can be seen on the testimonials page.

Caution should be taken when cleaning water-based, painted walls. The water-based paint may be removed or lightened with the use of MoldZyme®. MoldZyme® is non-corrosive and can be safely used on metal surfaces and metal finishes.

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