How well does MoldZyme work on grout?

MoldZyme removes all surface mold and mildew. Tile grout is porous (except for epoxy grout). Mold and mildew, if left alone will penetrate the grout, making it impossible to thoroughly clean. If mold and mildew have already penetrated the grout, the best solution is to remove the grout, thoroughly clean the area with MoldZyme®, and replace the grout. Use MoldZyme® regularly to keep the grout durable and free from mold and mildew stain. Before replacing grout or tile, it is prudent that the area be cleaned with MoldZyme® so that the new grout is not introduced to existing mold and mildew stain.

Chemical cleaners containing acid or chlorine bleach can leave mold and mildew behind. These chemicals cans cause the grout to deteriorate and can bleach the pigmentation of colored grout. Just one cleaning with acid or bleach-based cleaners can ruin tile and polished stone.

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