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Moldzyme: Cleaning mold off of outside surfaces

When Donna Brown, owner of FairyDust Cleaning Services servicing Tampa and St. Petersburg FL, began looking for eco-friendly cleaning product for use in her business, the search ended when she found EcoDiscoveries. She started with just general cleaning products like Tub and Tile, Multi-Surface, and Pet.

But when she had a client approach her with mold on the outside of a home, she consulted Dean Sheridan, Director of Business Development and all-around guru of all things EcoD. “I knew she had her reputation on the line”, Dean said,” but I let her know that Moldzyme could handle anything like the pictures she sent me”. Application advice in hand, Donna set out to restore this home to its former glory. Dean asked her “let me know how it goes” and Donna was happy to send us pictures of the completed project for these awesome “before & after” pictures!

If you have a tough mold problem, or you’re interested in learning more about using effective and eco-friendly cleaning products for your home or business; give Dean a call at (770) 936-0323 and he’ll give you the hookup on green cleaning!

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