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Hey #uber drivers: tired of #ubereats stinking up your car for the next fare?

We hear it all the time from Uber drivers – “I love the money from UberEats but I hate the food smell afterwards and I’ve even had customers mention it to me.” EMBARRASSING! Thai, Indian, Mexican, BBQ, Fried Chicken – food smells great in a restaurant or on a plate but it always smells horrid in a car – Especially when it’s not your food!

THE ANSWER: Airzyme is an eco-friendly, all-natural solution to this problem. Airzyme eliminates odor with natural enzymes, which bind to odor molecules. When you spray it in your car, it doesn’t have that “holy cow, it stinks worse than the doggone food” smell! Airzyme is not a cover-up like most air fresheners. It removes the smell. It’s even cool for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (you know, like that one customer who complains about ANY scent.) And it’s safe for use on all the surfaces in your car. Use the coupon code UBEREATS and get 10% off today and try it for yourself!

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