3 areas of concern when purchasing EcoDiscoveries products on Amazon.com

A number of our customers have expressed concern about orders that they have placed on Amazon, ordering EcoDiscoveries products from Amazon, and other issues surrounding our products when purchased through Amazon.com.

  1. EcoDiscoveries has no control over who sells our products on Amazon. Virtually ANYONE can sell ANY product on Amazon. In most cases, we have no idea of who the seller is, where they purchased the product for resale, or anything at all about them.
  2. The problem further arises that EcoDiscoveries cannot determine the age or condition of the product, or even if the product purported to be an EcoDiscoveries product is our formulation. Furthermore, we have no idea of how the products have been stored or if they have been stored within the guidelines that we have provided to our authorized distributors.
  3. Since we seldom know who these resellers are, and EcoDiscoveries has no business relationship with them, some sellers on Amazon are questionable and consumers are unlikely to get the same value as compared to purchasing the products directly from EcoDiscoveries.

While many of us are frequent Amazon customers, and we certainly do not want to discourage you from purchasing products on Amazon, our experience has been best summed up as “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware).